Nails Gloves, Drag Gloves, Drag Queen, Rhinestone Nail Gloves, Nail Gloves

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What you get:
- A pair of gloves with firmly glued nails with waterproof glue.
Gloves available in:
- The length of the gloves is Opera.
- One Size Fits All
Polyester/Elastane. Fits like an expensive pair of stockings.
- Purple and white pearls
1. Prepare lukewarm soapy water in a suitable container!
2. Soak the gloves for a few minutes, rubbing lightly with your fingers!
3. Rinse with clean water!
4. Squeeze gently, smooth the fabric with your hands and let it dry on its own!
DO NOT USE a washing machine or combustion appliance !!
!!! The glue is waterproof, so you can use it repeatedly !!!