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Italian Greyhound Hat / Italian Greyhound PomPom Hat / Greyhound Snood / Dog Hat /Hand Knit Dog Hat
This unique hand-knit dog hat with pom poms is the best choice for your dog in those cold winter days.
Material: 20% Wool, 80% Acrylic
30 degrees Celsius machine wash
Sizes available:
size XS - fits dogs with head girth (above the eyes) 25-29 cm (10-11.5 inches)
size S - fits dogs with head girth (above the eyes) 30-34 cm (12-13.5 inches)
size M - fits dogs with head girth (above the eyes) 35-39 cm (14-15.5 inches)
If you measure (tightly) your dog's head above the eyes and under and around its jaw, you will get the right measurement.
If you don't find the right size for your dog, please contact us.
Hat's neck length:
Size XS - 7 cm (2.75 inches)
Size S - 8 cm (3.15 inches)
Size M - 10 cm (4 inches)
Hat's neck length is designed for dogs with longer neck.
If your dog has shorter neck, please write the prefered length into the "Note to seller" section in your Cart.
Select the appropriate size and the color of your choosing before adding to the cart.
You can order an unicolor hat or customize the hat with choosing the different colors for the pompons (please refer to the attached color chart for yarn colors available).
To do this, select the "Custom" option from the "Color" drop down menu. Then specify (using number codes given in the color chart) the yarn color of your choice in the "Note to seller" section in your Cart. The first color given will be the hat color, the other colors will make up the pompons. You can choose a maximum of three colors.
For example:
If you write to the "Note to seller" section: 5645 blue; 5423 red; 5546 orange, you will get the blue hat with one red and one orange pompon.
Pompons are fastened to the hat with safety pins, so you can move them wherever you want.
We can also sew them on, if you prefer. If you would like to have pompons, sewn on the hat, please write the note to the "Note to seller" section while ordering.
Please take into consideration that production time is longer in wintertime and around the holidays due to an increase in orders and place your order in time, allowing for the production (and delivery).
Please check the processing time before ordering.
Processing time = waiting time + production time. When ordering more items, the production time may be extended accordingly.
Delivery time (see shipping policies) is not included in the processing time.
For faster delivery, you can choose the DHL Express option.
DHL Express shipping costs are listed in the Shipping Policy:
Thank you for your understanding!